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LëtzPlay was born out of a unique combination of experiences and a passion for connecting brands, agencies, and developers to create the ultimate immersive experience within the emerging Web3 ecosystem. Our founder, Julien Gratz, began his journey as a video game producer for Nacon, where he honed his skills in delivering market-adapted games on time and within budget, ultimately satisfying the high expectations of discerning customers.

As Julien moved on to join The Sandbox, his responsibilities expanded to onboarding a diverse range of Web3 projects such as PFP collections, centralized exchanges, and NFT artists into the Metaverse. This experience exposed him to various topics and needs within the Web3 ecosystem and introduced him to the challenges faced by Web2 brands and companies attempting to enter this new digital realm.

Julien quickly realized that game developers often struggle with marketing and business model innovation, while marketing agencies and brands may possess promotional expertise but lack technical abilities required to create engaging digital experiences. Moreover, while Web3-based companies might know how to cater to Web3 customers, many are scams, and only a handful maintain the high-quality standards expected by both brands and gamers.

Recognizing these challenges, Julien envisioned LëtzPlay as the ultimate solution to bridge the gaps in expertise and create a seamless, engaging experience for customers in the Metaverse. The company's philosophy revolves around combining the brand's aura, the marketing prowess of agencies, and the technical expertise of high-quality game development studios, all orchestrated by skilled producers dedicated to delivering top-notch entertainment products.

LëtzPlay's mission is to empower brands, agencies, and developers to confidently navigate the complex world of Web3 and the Metaverse. By connecting these diverse players, LëtzPlay ensures that consumers can interact with their favorite brands in a captivating and meaningful way. Through strategic guidance, innovative solutions, and a commitment to quality, LëtzPlay paves the way for the next generation of digital entertainment experiences.



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